(last updated 1 July 2021)
This checklist registers species known to occur in Florida, based on reliable literature citations and material examined by the author.  It also includes taxa which may occur in Florida; many of these taxa occur on the U.S. Southeastern Coastal Plain but have not been positively identified from Florida.  Note also that some literature records may be considered doubtful; some species recorded in earlier literature but misidentified are not listed.  Only important synonyms pertaining to Florida Chironomidae are listed.  Subfamilies are listed in presumed phylogenetic order; genera and species are listed in alphabetic order. Undescribed taxa or taxa known only as larvae are assigned letter or number designators. For more information on Florida taxa, see my 1995 larval Chironomidae identification manual; for more up to date taxonomic information in general, see my 2001 larval Chironomidae manual for North and South Carolina (which covers the entire SE US) and Andersen, Cranston & Epler (2013). For more information on Tanytarsini, see my 2014 Florida Tanytarsini guide (links to these on main page).

This list now follows the taxonomy as used in Andersen, Cranston & Epler (2013) and partly that of Silva & Ekrem (2015).

KEY: [ ] = synonym or previously applied name;   * = may occur in Florida;  § = recorded from Florida, but identification doubtful, not confirmed or incorrect.

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Telmatogeton Schiner
     japonicus Tokunaga
Thalassomya Schiner
     bureni Wirth

 Ablabesmyia Johannsen
    annulata (Say)
    aspera (Roback)
    cinctipes (Johannsen)
    hauberi Beck & Beck
    janta (Roback)
    mallochi (Walley)
        [= auriensis Roback]
        [= ornata Beck & Beck]
        [= tarella Roback]
    parajanta Roback
    peleensis (Walley)
    philosphagnos Beck & Beck
    rhamphe Sublette
    sp. A Epler
Alotanypus Roback
    aris Roback
Apsectrotanypus Fittkau
    johnsoni (Coquillett)
Clinotanypus Kieffer
    aureus Roback
    pinguis (Loew)
        [= thoracicus (Loew)]
    planus Roback
    wirthi Roback
Coelotanypus Kieffer
    concinnus (Coquillett)
    scapularis (Loew)
    tricolor (Loew)
Conchapelopia Fittkau [includes Helopelopia Roback]
    cornuticaudata (Walley)

        [= gigas (Beck & Beck)]
    currani Walley
    fasciata Beck & Beck
        [= dusena Roback]
    pallens (Coquillett)
    pilicaudata (Walley)
    rurika (Roback)
Denopelopia Roback & Rutter
    atria Roback & Rutter
Djalmabatista Fittkau
    pulchra (Johannsen)
        [= maculatus Roback]
Fittkauimyia Karunakaran
    serta (Roback)
Guttipelopia Fittkau
    guttipennis (Wulp)
        [= currani Beck & Beck]
Hudsonimyia  Roback
    cf. parrishi Caldwell & Soponis

    hudsoni Roback
Labrundinia Fittkau

    becki Roback
    johannseni Beck & Beck
    longipalpis (Goetghebuer)
        [= maculata Roback]

    neopilosella Beck & Beck
    pilosella (Loew)
        [= floridana Beck & Beck]
    virescens Beck & Beck
    sp. 3 nr. virescens Roback
        [= sp. 4 Roback]
    sp. 6 Roback
    sp. A Epler
    sp. B Epler
    sp. C Epler
Larsia Fittkau
    berneri Beck & Beck
    decolorata (Malloch)
        [= lurida Beck & Beck]
    indistincta Beck & Beck
Macropelopia Thienemann [includes Bethbilbeckia Fittkau & Murray]
    floridensis (Fittkau & Murray) 
Meropelopia Roback
    americana (Fittkau)
    flavifrons (Johannsen)
        [= fittkaui Beck & Beck]
Monopelopia Fittkau [includes Cantopelopia Roback]
    boliekae Beck & Beck
    caraguata Mendes, Marcondes & de Pinho
    gesta (Roback)
    tenuicalcar (Kieffer)
    tillandsia Beck & Beck
Natarsia Fittkau
    § baltimorea (Macquart)
    sp. A Roback
Nilotanypus Kieffer
    americanus Beck & Beck
    fimbriatus (Walker)
Pentaneura Philippi
    inconspicua (Malloch)
        [= inculta Beck & Beck]
Procladius Skuse
    bellus (Loew)
        [= pusillus Loew]
    curtus Roback
    freemani Sublette
    sublettei Roback
Psectrotanypus Kieffer
    dyari (Coquillett)
Rheopelopia Fittkau
    * paramaculipennis (Roback)
    * perda (Roback)
    sp. A Epler
Tanypus Meigen
    carinatus Sublette
    clavatus Beck
    neopunctipennis Sublette
    punctipennis Meigen
    stellatus Coquillett
    telus Roback
Thienemannimyia Fittkau [includes Hayesomyia Murray & Fittkau]
    senata (Walley)
Zavrelimyia Fittkau
[includes Paramerina Fittkau]
    (Paramerina) anomala Beck & Beck
    * (P.) fragilis (Walley)
    (P.) testa Roback
    (Z.) sinuosa
(Coquillett) complex

        [= carneosa Fittkau]
    (Z.) thryptica (Sublette) complex

* Diamesa Meigen
Potthastia Kieffer
    longimana Kieffer
Genus P Doughman

* Compteromesa Sæther
Odontomesa Pagast
    fulva (Kieffer)
* Prodiamesa Kieffer
    * olivacea (Meigen)

Acamptocladius Brundin
Antillocladius Sæther
    arcuatus Sæther
    pluspilalus Sæther
Brillia Kieffer
    flavifrons (Johannsen)
Bryophaenocladius Thienemann
    digitatus Sæther
Camptocladius Wulp
    stercorarius (De Geer)
Cardiocladius Kieffer
    obscurus (Johannsen)
* Chaetocladius Kieffer
Clunio Haliday
    marshalli Stone & Wirth
* Compterosmittia Sæther
Corynoneura Winnertz
    capitanea Fu & Sæther
    * fittkaui Schlee

    floridaensis Fu & Sæther
       [= C. sp. B Epler]
    lobata Edwards
       [= taris Roback]
    § scutellata Winnertz
    sp. C Epler
    sp. D Epler
    sp. E Epler
    sp. F Epler
    sp. G Epler
    sp. H Epler
Cricotopus Wulp
    absurdus (Johannsen)
    cf. albiforceps (Kieffer)
    * belkini Sublette

    bicinctus Meigen
    * festivellus (Kieffer)
    cf.  fugax (Johannsen)
    lebetis Sublette
    * luciae LeSage & Harrison
    § nostocicola Wirth
    politus (Coquillett)
    * slossonae Malloch
    sylvestris (Fabricius)
    triannulatus (Macquart)
        [= exilis Johannsen]
    * tricinctus (Meigen)
   trifascia Edwards
   trifasciatus Meigen
        [= remus Sublette]
   varipes Coquillett
   vierriensis Goetghebuer
    sp. "Santa Fe" Epler
* Diplocladius Kieffer
* Diplosmittia Sæther
* Doithrix Sæther & Sublette
Epoicocladius Zavrel
    flavens (Malloch)
Eukiefferiella Thienemann
   claripennis (Lundbeck) group
   devonica (Edwards) group
Georthocladius Strenzke
Gymnometriocnemus Goetghebuer
Heterotrissocladius Spärck
    marcidus (Walker)
    sp. C Sæther
Hydrobaenus Fries
    pilipes (Malloch)
Krenosmittia Thienemann & Krüger
Limnophyes Eaton
    fumosus (Johannsen)
    minimus (Meigen)
    natalensis (Kieffer)
Lipurometriocnemus Sæther
    glabalus Sæther
Lopescladius Oliveira
Mesosmittia Brundin
    * mina Sæther
    patrihortae Sæther
    * prolixa Sæther
Metriocnemus Wulp
   knabi Coquillett
   sp. A Epler
Nanocladius Kieffer
   alternantherae Dendy & Sublette
    balticus (Palmén)
    * branchicolus Sæther
    crassicornus Sæther
    distinctus (Malloch)
    * downesi (Steffan)
    minimus Sæther
    cf. rectinervis (Kieffer)
    spiniplenus Sæther
    sp. D Epler
    sp. # 5 Jacobsen

   annectens Sæther
   cf. dentifer Brundin
   dubitatus Johannsen
   lignicola (Kieffer)
   * obumbratus Johannsen
   oliveri Soponis
   rubicundus (Meigen)
Parachaetocladius Wülker
   abnobaeus (Wülker)
Paracricotopus Thienemann & Harnisch
Parakiefferiella Thienemann
   coronata (Edwards)
        [= sp. C Epler]
    sp. A Epler
    sp. B Epler
    sp. D Epler
     sp. F Epler

    hamatus (Johannsen)
    lundbeckii (Johannsen)

    sp. F Epler
Paraphaenocladius Thienemann
    exagitans (Johannsen)
* Paratrichocladius
Santos Abreu
* Platysmittia Sæther
Phytotelmatocladius Epler
     delarosai Epler
          [= Orthocladiinae genus H Epler]
Psectrocladius Kieffer

    elatus Roback
    pilosus Roback
    psilopterus group sp.1 Epler
    simulans (Johannsen)
    vernalis (Malloch)
   (Monopsectrocladius) sp.
Pseudorthocladius Goetghebuer
    destitutus  Sæther & Sublette
    macrostomus Soponis
    * rectangilobus Caspers & Siebert
    tricanthus  Sæther & Sublette
    uniserratus Sæther & Sublette
Pseudosmittia Goetghebuer
    digitata Sæther
    dolobrata Ferrington & Sæther
    forcipata (Goetghebuer)
Psilometriocnemus Sæther
    triannulatus Sæther
Rheocricotopus Thien. & Harnisch
    robacki (Beck & Beck)
    tuberculatus Caldwell
Rheosmittia Brundin
    nr. arcuata Caldwell
Smittia Holmgren
    aterrima (Meigen)
    lasiops (Malloch)
     sp. A Epler
    sp. B Epler
Stilocladius Rossaro
   clinopecten Sæther
* Symbiocladius Kieffer
Synorthocladius Thienemann
    semivirens (Kieffer)
Thienemanniella Kieffer
    lobapodema  Hestenes & Sæther
        [= spp. A, D Epler]
    similis (Malloch)
    xena (Roback)
    sp. B Epler
    sp. C Epler
Tvetenia Kieffer

    bavarica (Goetghebuer) group
    tshernovskii (Pankratova)
       [= vitracies Sæther or "discoloripes group"]
Unniella Sæther
    multivirga Sæther
Xylotopus Oliver
    par (Coquillett)
Zalutschia Lipina
    briani Soponis
    sp. A Epler
Orthocladiinae sp. C Sæther

Apedilum Townes
    elachistus Townes
    subcinctum Townes
Axarus Roback
    dorneri (Malloch)
    * festivus (Say)
    rogersi (Beck & Beck)
    taenionotus (Say)
Beardius Reiss & Sublette
    breviculus Reiss & Sublette
    reissi  Jacobsen
    truncatus Reiss & Sublette
* Beckidia Sæther
Benthalia Lipina
    brunneipennis (Johannsen)
    natchitocheae (Sublette)
Chernovskiia Sæther

Chironomus Meigen
    * anonymus Williston
    austini (Beck & Beck)
    calligraphus Goeldi
    columbiensis Wülker, Sublette, Morath & Martin

    decorus Johannsen
    longipes Staeger
    * major Wülker & Butler
    ochreatus (Townes)
    plumosus (Linnaeus)
    riparius Meigen
    staegeri Lundbeck
    stigmaterus Say
    tuxis Curran
    sp. "Florida" Epler

    amachaerum (Townes)
    forcipis (Rempel)
    collator (Townes)
    edwardsi (Kruseman)
    galeator (Townes)
    virudulum (Linnaeus)
Cladotanytarsus Kieffer
    acornutus Jacobsen & Bilyj
    aeiparthenus Bilyj

    cf. daviesi Bilyj
    latissimus Giłka
    subletteorum Giłka
    viridiventris (Malloch)

       [= sp. B Epler]
    sp. A Epler
    sp. C Epler
    sp. D Epler

    sp. F Epler
    sp. G Epler
    sp. H Epler
    sp. I  Epler

Cryptochironomus Kieffer
    blarina Townes
    digitatus (Malloch)
    eminentia Mason

    parafulvus (Beck & Beck)
    ponderosus (Sublette)
    scimitarus Townes
    sorex Townes
    stylifera (Johannsen)
Cryptotendipes Beck & Beck
    emorsus (Townes)
    pseudotener (Goetghebuer)
    rutteri Epler [= sp. 1 Epler]

Demeijerea Kruseman
    atrimana (Coquillett)
    * brachialis (Coquillett)
Demicryptochironomus Lenz
    * cuneatus (Townes)
    sp. B  Epler
Dicrotendipes Kieffer
    fumidus (Johannsen)
    hulberti Epler [= sp. A Epler]
    leucoscelis (Townes)

    lobus (Beck)
    lucifer (Johannsen)
    modestus (Say)
    neomodestus (Malloch)
    nervosus (Staeger)
    simpsoni Epler
    thanatogratus Epler
    tritomus (Kieffer)
    sp. B Epler
Einfeldia Kieffer
    * pagana (Meigen)
    sp. A Epler
Endochironomus Kieffer
    nigricans (Johannsen)
    subtendens (Townes)
    sp. A  Epler
Endotribelos Grodhaus
    hesperium (Sublette)
Fissimentum Cranston & Nolte
    sp. A Epler
* Gillotia Kieffer
Glyptotendipes Kieffer
    * barbipes (Staeger)
    chelonia (Townes) [was amplus Townes]
    § lobiferus (Say)

    meridionalis Dendy & Sublette
    paripes Edwards
    seminole Townes
    sp. B Epler
    sp. E Epler
    sp. F Epler
    sp. G Epler
Goeldichironomus Fittkau
    amazonicus (Fittkau)
    carus (Townes)
    devineyae (Beck & Beck)
    fluctuans Reiss
    holoprasinus (Goeldi)
    cf. natans Reiss
    pictus Reiss
Harnischia Kieffer
    curtilamellata (Malloch)
    * incidata Townes
Hyporhygma Reiss
    quadripunctatum (Malloch)
Kiefferulus Goetghebuer
    dux (Johannsen)
    pungens (Townes)
    sp. A Epler
    sp. B Epler
Kloosia Kruseman
    cf. dorsenna (Sæther)
Kribiodorum Kieffer
    perpulchrum (Mitchell)
Lauterborniella Thienemann & Bause

    agrayloides (Kieffer)
Manoa Fittkau
    pahayokeensis Jacobsen

    nigrovittatus (Malloch)
Micropsectra Kieffer
    cf. nigripila (Johannsen)
    cf. polita (Malloch)

    sp. A Epler
     sp. F Epler
Microtendipes Kieffer

    caducus Townes
    pedellus (De Geer)
Neostempellina Reiss
    reissi Caldwell
       [= Stempellina sp. C Epler]
Nilothauma Kieffer

    babiyi (Rempel)
    bicorne (Townes)
    mirabile (Townes)
    sp. A Epler
Omisus Townes
   browni Caldwell
   pica Townes
Pagastiella Brundin
    orophila (Edwards)?
Parachironomus Lenz
    alatus (Beck)
    carinatus (Townes)
    chaetoalus (Sublette)
    directus (Dendy & Sublette)
    frequens (Johannsen)
    hazelriggi  Spies
    hirtalatus (Beck & Beck)
    longistilus Paggi
        [= sp. A Epler; supparilis (Edwards)]
    pectinatellae (Dendy & Sublette)
    potamogeti (Townes)
        [= sp. B Epler]
    schneideri Beck & Beck
    sublettei (Beck)
    tenuicaudatus (Malloch)
    sp. D Epler

    doris (Townes)
    loganae Beck & Beck
    nereis (Townes)
    undine (Townes)
    sp. 1 Jackson
Paralauterborniella Lenz
    nigrohalteralis (Malloch)
Paratanytarsus Thienemann & Bause
    dissimilis (Johannsen)
        [= sp. A Epler]
    dubius (Malloch)
    longistilus Bolton, Ekrem, Sublette & Sublette
        [= Micropsectra sp. D Epler; Tanytarsus sp. W Epler]
    quadratus Sublette

        [= sp. C Epler]
    recens (Sublette)
    sp. 2 Epler
    sp. B Epler
Paratendipes Kieffer
    albimanus (Meigen)
    basidens Townes
    subaequalis (Malloch)
Phaenopsectra Kieffer
    § dyari (Townes)
    flavipes (Meigen)
    obediens (Johannsen)
    punctipes (Wiedemann)
    * vittata (Townes)
Polypedilum Kieffer [includes Asheum Sublette & Sublette]
    albicorne (Meigen)
    acifer Townes
    angulum Maschwitz
    angustum Townes
    aviceps Townes
    beckae (Sublette)
braseniae (Leathers)
    digitifer Townes
    epleri Oyewo & Jacobsen
        [= sp. A Epler]
    falciforme Maschwitz

    fallax (Johannsen)
    flavum (Johannsen)
        [= convictum auct.; obtusum Townes]
    floridense Townes
    gomphus Townes
    griseopunctatum (Malloch)
    halterale (Coquillett)
    illinoense (Malloch)
    laetum (Meigen)
        [= sp. C Epler]
    nubifer (Skuse)
    nymphaeorum Maschwitz

    ontario (Walley)
   * ophioides Townes
    parascalaenum Beck
    parvum Townes
    pterospilus Townes
    scalaenum (Schrank)
    simulans Townes
    trigonus Townes
    tritum (Walker)
    vibex Townes
    sp. B Epler
    sp. FL Epler
       [may be P. bergi]
Pontomyia Edwards

     natans Edwards
Pseudochironomus Malloch

    articaudus Sæther
    * banksi Townes
    fulviventris (Johannsen)
    * julia (Curran)
    middlekaufi Townes
    * rex (Hauber)
    richardsoni Malloch
Rheotanytarsus Thienemann & Bause
    exiguus (Johannsen)
    pellucidus (Walker)
        [= distinctissimus Brundin]
Robackia Sæther
    claviger (Townes)
    demeijerei (Kruseman)
Saetheria Jackson
    hirta Sæther
    tylus (Townes)
    sp. 1 Jackson
Stempellina Thienemann & Bause
    cf. subglabripennis (Brundin)
        [= sp. D Epler]
    sp. A  Epler
Stempellinella Brundin
    leptocelloides (Webb)

    fimbriata  Ekrem
        [= sp. A  Epler]

Stenochironomus Kieffer
    aestivalis Townes
    browni Townes
    cinctus Townes
    hilaris (Walker)
    macateei (Malloch)
    poecilopterus (Mitchell)
    unictus Townes
Stictochironomus Kieffer
    caffrarius group sp.
        [= Chironomini genus B Pinder & Reiss]
    devinctus (Say)
    palliatus (Coquillett)
    * varius (Townes)
Sublettea Roback
    probably coffmani (Roback)
Tanytarsus Wulp

    acifer Ekrem, Sublette & Sublette
    allicis Sublette
        [= sp. C Epler, in part]
 Ekrem, Sublette & Sublette
    cf. bromelicola Cranston
    buckleyi Sublette

        [= sp. C Epler, in part]
confusus Malloch
    dendyi Sublette
    epleri  Ekrem, Sublette & Sublette
    gibbus  Ekrem, Sublette & Sublette
        [ = sp. S Epler]

    hastatus Sublette & Sasa
        [= sp. E Epler, sp. Q Epler]
    limneticus Sublette

        [= Nimbocera pinderi Steiner & Hulbert]
    * martini  Ekrem, Sublette & Sublette
    mendax Kieffer
        [= xanthus Sublette]
    messersmithi  Ekrem, Sublette & Sublette
        [ = sp. Y Epler]

    pathudsoni  Ekrem, Sublette & Sublette
    * pelsuei Spies
Ekrem, Sublette & Sublette
       [= T. sp. A Epler]
    wirthi  Ekrem, Sublette & Sublette
    sp. B Epler
    sp. D Epler
    sp. F Epler
    sp. G Epler
    sp. H Epler
    sp. I Epler
    sp. J Epler
    sp. K Epler
    sp. L Epler
    sp. M Epler
    sp. N Epler
    sp. O Epler
    sp. P Epler
    sp. R Epler
    sp. T Epler
    sp. U Epler
    sp. V Epler
    sp. X Epler
    sp. Z Epler
    sp. alpha Epler
    sp. beta Epler
    sp. delta Epler
    sp. gamma Epler
    sp. epsilon Epler
Tribelos Townes

    atrum (Townes)
    fuscicorne (Malloch)
    jucundum (Walker)
Xenochironomus Kieffer
    xenolabis (Kieffer)
Xestochironomus Sublette & Wirth
    subletti Borkent
Zavrelia Kieffer, Thienemann & Bause
    aristata Ekrem & Stur
Zavreliella Kieffer

    marmorata (Wulp)
        [= varipennis Coquillett]
Chironomini genus III Epler
Chironomini genus IV Epler
Harnischia complex genus A Epler
Harnischia complex genus B Epler
Harnischia complex genus C Epler

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