Water Bug Updates

(last update 27-xi-2009)


The subgenus Benacus of Lethocerus has been reinstated as a full genus.  See: Perez Goodwyn, P.J. 2006. Taxonomic revision of the subfamily Lethocerinae Lauck & Menke (Heteroptera: Belostomatidae). Stuttgarter Beitr. Naturk. 695: 1-71.  Thus, our largest belostomatid is now called Benacus griseus (Say).


Thanks to Donald Ray and Rick Abad, we have two new Florida corixid records:

Hesperocorixa obliqua (Hungerford) (Escambia Co., Pine Barren Creek)

This species was not covered in my 2006 manual. It will key to couplet 8 (p. 3.12); it can be separated by the more apically produced male pala and the different genitalia (see below)

Hesperocorixa obliqua pala             Hesperocorixa obliqua male genitalia    
                         H. obliqua male pala                                                             H. obliqua  male genitalia

Sigara mississippiensis Hungerford (Escambia Co., Pine Barren Creek)


Trichocorixa macroceps (Kirkaldy) has been collected in the Florida Panhandle (Manning Creek, Santa Rosa Co.).