GATEWAY (1997-2001)

It is with great sadness that I relate that my cherished and beloved Gateway passed away on the morning of 30 October 2001.  He had contracted cytauxzoonosis, a rare, parasitic protozoan disease carried by bobcats and transmitted by ticks; at that time it was basically incurable.  He loved to sit in our woods and watch the squirrels, birds and other wildlife here in northern Florida.  He never harmed any living thing; he was NOT allowed to roam unattended; Linda and/or I always accompanied him when he was outside.  He was a truly wonderful and unique entity and is sorely missed; he has left a tremendous empty space in our lives and hearts.

Gateway, the coolest little quadruped around!!

Guarding the top of the steps!

Gateway and me in my lab, discussing some
of the finer points of Tanytarsini taxonomy

Gateway at 9300' in Keystone, Colorado, for the NABS 2000 meeting
Mountain Cat!

(last update:  13 November 2001)
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